Alert - Blue-green algae identified in the Highland Lakes

City of Horseshoe Bay , Community News

The LCRA has published additional information and provided an update on testing results related to the status of blue-green algae recently identified in the Highland Lakes. Although freshwater algae play a vital role in maintaining the health of the aquatic ecosystem in our lakes this particular alga (blue-green) can at times produce toxins that are dangerous to animals and people.

People and pets can be exposed to harmful algae toxins through direct skin contact from swimming and other recreational activities or ingesting water or food contaminated with harmful algae toxins in the lake. Horseshoe Bay’s drinking water is treated and tested by utility operators to remove harmful algae toxins to acceptable federal regulatory guideline limits for public water supply uses.

The LCRA is continuing to conduct tests on water and algae throughout the Highland Lakes and recommends treating all algae as if it could be toxic, and to avoid contact with algae in any of the Highland Lakes. Seek veterinarian help immediately if your pet becomes ill after contact with a natural water body.


Additional information and current updates may be found by following the below link to the LCRA website.

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